Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes in apartment buildings Part 2

Advantages and features of the spread of the mailboxes

When you call in our agency, we will make sure that the dissemination of advertisements popochtovym boxes give the best results. Which allows us to give guarantees efficiency? – First of all, the availability of relevant databases targeted distribution, reporting and strict control of distribution of leaflets on the boxes.

What other rules of distribution of advertising, we use:

– A program of distributing advertising in mailboxes and other promotional products is the target audience. With extensive address database of houses, we make sample according to customers’ requests: You can select specific areas of distribution and even certain types of buildings;

– Mailing list runs using actual sampling programs, continuous and targeted dissemination of printed materials;

– We provide electronic records for the dissemination of leaflets in mailboxes with a list of addresses and the number of copies of products, common in a particular area or building;

Distribution or spread of print advertising in mailboxes implies netolko targeted delivery of promotional products, but possible and unaddressed mailings. Unaddressed mailings rather than requiring a proliferation of individual programs that can reduce costs and increase the number of destinations. Our experts are prompt, what kinds of distribution of advertising will be most effective in your particular case, and at the same time help to avoid unnecessary spending.

Program distribution of leaflets in mailboxes

The correct choice of targeted programs to distribute leaflets on postal yaschikam- overriding component, as even the most successful and loyal advertising idea neprineset expected result if mail delivery to mailboxes is done without taking into account the target audience. We have our own targeted databases or also have the option to make an address to the needs of the base can buy Zakazchika. Zakazchik address database by region, by quarter for legal persons (organizations)


Daily spot checks the quality of couriers to bytuverennymi that delivery to mailboxes is over all pravilam.Supervayzery make written and photographic records for verification of the house number, entrance and mailbox content.

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Distribution of leaflets in mailboxes in apartment buildings

What is the spread in the mailboxes?

Advertising agency “Perfect” offers services for the dissemination and distribution of leaflets in mailboxes in the city of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region. This type of advertising is one of the most profitable. Judge for yourself, the dissemination of advertisements in mailboxes allows you to reach the target audience, be sure that the information about goods and services will not go unnoticed, and fall into the hands of every potential customer. The benefits that can bring the distribution of printed advertising, depends on many factors, which we discuss below.

If you are looking for direct mail (direct mail in envelopes) you here direct mail

One of the basic rules for the use of this type of advertising is the correct selection of the target audience. Often, a mailing list is held in the area of ​​services, especially when it comes to shops, catering areas. As we know, no one will walk away if next to the house, you can find everything you need. In this case, the distribution of leaflets in mailboxes aims to inform people about the opening of new establishments. Good motivating factor is the news about current promotions and discounts. There are areas in which there is no clear reference to the area of ​​distribution of leaflets (eg, transport or domestic services). Therefore, we offer different types of distribution of advertising: targeted, selective, continuous, unaddressed (from 22kop./Ind. And above, depends on the circulation, size and density of paper leaflets). This type of advertising is one of the most effective and inexpensive promotional tool.

Number of mailboxes in the area as a whole or in separate blocks can be viewed on our map in St. Petersburg. Also, if you click on the highlighted cell, you will see the value of certain sites and the number of mailboxes.

Spread mailboxes printed advertising materials provides an opportunity to give a potential customer as much information about the product/service. Even in a small leaflet can be placed predlagaemoyproduktsii list, delivery terms, contact information, promotions and special offers. Presentation of information in any form: calendars, newspapers, leaflets, brochures, catalogs, leaflets. Mass e-mailboxes allows you to turn a potential buyer in the actual buyer (incentive to action). To this end, it provides additional favorable (concessional coupons, service and so on.). Print design is individually designed by the customer’s request, also selected the density and quality of the paper on which is printed leaflet – our advertising agency provides these services.

Perfect RA can arrange formal methods of dissemination of advertising in the elite residential complexes and buildings – perhaps in a variety of ways: otnapolnyh racks with business cards to video clips, banners and posters vozlelifta accommodation. You are entitled to establish the rules of distribution of advertising, at the request of the installation can be arranged inside the complex, “tasting” or test drive!

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